Watermelon & Cucumber Face Mask

Veggie + veggie = Awesome cucumber face mask

The second ever post in the diy face mask section to grace this site was on the mighty cucumber. I had mentioned how cucumber and watermelon belonged to the same family and were essentially made out of water (95 percent). It therefore makes sense to use members of the same happy family for the creation of a refreshing homemade face mask.


  • Two tablespooon Cucumber juice
  • Two tablespoon Watermelon juice
  • One teaspoon Yogurt
  • One teaspoon Milk Powder
  • Bowl


Once you have extracted the juice from the two vegetables albeit using sensible methods (remember the wine bottle needs to be empty!) mix both a teaspoon of yoghurt and a tea spoon of milk powder to the juices.

Once they have been thoroughly mixed, apply the paste to your face for 15 minutes.

This cucumber face mask similar to the chamomile face mask is known for treating blemishes and acting as toner.

Cucumber is known for its skin lightening capabilities whereas yoghurt softens and tightens the skin.

Milk powder adds that extra bit of oomph to the face mask by acting as a binding agent making sure the mask does not crumble when applied to the face.

Think this is too much effort? Then head over to Amazon to buy the BEFINE Cucumber Face Mask but make sure to read my review HERE before you make the purchase.


befine-cucumber face mask