Talika Bio Enzyme Hydrating Face Mask Review

A face mask that takes inspiration from skin regeneration therapy to create what is described as a ‘second skin’. These masks are best used for dehydrated skin types and help to increase moisture levels up to 42%. The skin is protected by the use of Alpine Herbs while Hyaluronic Acid is used to deliver a plumping and softening effect.

Hydrophilic Sugars are also used to provide the ever so vital antioxidants that purify the skin.

FMN verdict

Talika is mostly known for their work on eyelash growth serums so it did come as a bit of surprise that they had created the Bio Enzyme face masks.

The first tick comes in the packaging. These masks come in individual wrappers which makes them perfect from a travelling perspective similar to the Sephora Honey Face Masks.

Then comes the actual application of the masks. You don’t need to carry any bottles, scrubs or the kitchen sink to apply these.

All you need to do is take them out of the wrapper and place them on your face, wait and remove. Loving the simplicity here!

Now let’s look at the individual face masks to see how well they fare to the FMN scrutiny.

Talika Bio Enzymes Face Mask Purifying Review

This face mask is made for people with oily skin. It also does well with skin with spots or large pores by purifying the epidermis, shrinking those pores. All of this is tackled by using a combination of ingredients including cinnamon that helps to remove dead skin cell and reduces pore size.

Arnica helps to heal the spots while keeping inflammation to a minimal. Finally, the Argan oil forms a protective layer around the skin. It also helps that all of these ingredients combined create a nice smell which helps as the mask is going to be placed on the face.

Application wise as mentioned earlier, you simply put on the mask and wait. There is a tingly sensation to begin with but that is to be expected with the cinnamon. You will however, need to lie down to apply this mask as any movements will cause the mask to slip off the face. While the slippage isn’t drastic there is a notable slide that occurs every few minutes. Best to just lie down and enjoy the mask.

After keeping it on for 30 minutes and playing a ton of Candy Crush, I removed the face mask to reveal skin that looked brighter with the pores slightly smaller in size. It also helped that the acne had faded away slightly as well. All in all it did what it had said on the description.

Talika Bio Enzymes Face Mask After Sun Review

This face mask is perfect for those crazy holidays in Vegas which end up leaving your skin completely dry with a good dose of sun burn. As soon as you apply the mask, the wet second skin feels amazing on the sun drenched skin. Hyaluronic acid and collagen work over time to replump the skin and help it retain the lost moisture.

Water harnessing sugar comes in next and performs the vital function of regeneration while arnica reduces the redness associated with sun burns. Last up we have chamomile that simple soothes the skin.

Overall my skin felt hydrated, smooth and with a lot less red colour.

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face mask ratings 4

Price: $10

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The story of Talika starts with a young eye doctor specialist by the name of Danielle Roches. Danielle was involved in treating war veterans in 1948 by using Bactericial cream that was made out of plant extracts. The cream also had an unexpected side effect and boosted the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows of the patients.

He eventually used this to create a company bearing his name. Over the years’ millions of customers which included movie star royalty started using his products to take advantage of Talika Lipoclis. The name was eventually shortened to Talika and has grown to become a house hold name across the globe. The most recent addition to their clientele base is superstar Justin Bieber.