Skyn Iceland Face Mask Review

A face mask that claims to smooth forehead furrows and smile lines in 10 minutes. Packed with hexapeptides, it improves the appearance of deep wrinkles by relaxing facial muscle contractions.  Copper tripeptide activates the skin’s natural renewal system creating much firmer and tonner skin while antioxidant rich stem cell extracts (ginseng & tomato) improve collagen production. Last but not least, hydrolysed extension gives the skin a moisture boost.

FMN verdict

A face mask that is advertised as one having the ability to turn back time in 10 minutes flat! Surely there has to be a catch here somewhere? It must come with a beautician and some needles as well right?!? Well apparently not. I started off my cleansing ritual before applying this magic formula starting off outer corners of the month and forehead for 10 minutes.

After the recommended time has passed, I simply peeled off the mask and voila I was looking like January Jones! Okay maybe the transformation was not that drastic but I can honestly say that the mask did work in just 10 minutes.

Do this weekly and the treatment is similar to that of muscle relaxing injection while giving you more facial expressions than Keanu Reeves. All in all, I would definitely recommend this face mask.

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face mask ratings 4

Price : $34.99

More face mask reviews…skyn-iceland-logoThe story of Skyn Iceland was born out of the founder’s inability to deal with stress that ultimately landed her in the hospital.

Sarah Kugelman had spent 20 years in the beauty industry developing skin care products for leading beauty companies. However, despite a good rewarding job, Kugelman was hit with chronic stress in 2003. She was given an ultimatum by the doctor to find ways to de-stress which took her to Iceland.

The discovery of the natural oasis of pure, unspoiled waters, plants and air and the Icelandic way of living gave her inspiration to set up Skyn Iceland.