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Lots of people were eager to know the secret behind Michelle Stafford’s ravishing skin and it is only natural to wonder what makes the skin of this 51-year-old actress so attractive and radiant. Nothing encompasses the joy using this splendid piece-of-jar which is enriched with antioxidants that help in moisturizing, toning and rejuvenating your skin. Enticing about this product is the fact that it not only revitalizes you facial skin but also your hair and body.

The product is completely unrefined and alleys all your fears and worries if you suffer from dullness, wrinkles and flakiness of skin. This Coconut oil is 100% organic and caters its services as shaving cream, cuticle cream, make-up remover, hair mask, body lotion, leave-in conditioner and lip balm.

Could this get any better? .No, I don’t think so. This skin-care product has even been advertised on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, Toronto Sun and 24-hour Toronto News.

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This natural coconut oil comes in a white jar with a silver lid. It has a very light fragrance so it won’t bug you and melts at 76° F. If you are using it in summer it will liquefy but if refrigerated for 30-60 minutes with tight sealing, can cool off and be ready for use other than that this oil works miracles.

As body oil, it can be applied over body within or without shower. As a hair mask, melt it down under warm water and apply it on your hair and leave on for 5 minutes , give it a good rinsing and see the results yourself. To remove make-up off your skin apply a small amount while it moistens all your make-up making it easier for you to remove it.

For using it as a coconut oil face mask, I massaged the oil gently over my skin before going off to bed, as oils perform well if left overnight. The results were beyond amazing, it leaves the skin so smooth and healthy. People with already oily skins should apply a small amount otherwise its suitable for all skin types.

I personally don’t think there is any need of following a routine for using this coconut oil face mask but if you want to stick with instructions use it 1-2 times a week. Its gluten free, Cruelty free and uses no fillers or artificial chemicals. Over all I found this product skin-friendly.

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Skin Nation is a skin-care brand, founded by Michelle Stafford – two-times Emmy Award winner, writer, Producer and a mother. To provide best quality products for skin with the help of her partners who helped her to start her own skin-care product line, it not only provides natural skin products but also shares the knowledge she has garnered in prepping up her skin. Through her willfulness she has been able to capture customers from all around the world and is continuously striving towards success.