Strawberry DIY Face Mask

Containing essential fruit acids (AHA’s) such as salicylic acid, strawberries are one of the best natural products you can apply to your skin. They are extremely useful when it comes to treating acne and it only makes sense to create your diy face mask using strawberries as opposed to spending money on artificial products.

Not convinced just yet and would rather put the strawberries on your ice cream? Let me enlighten you with the benefits these little fruits bring to the table –

  1. Vitamin C

Strawberries are loaded with Vitamin C which protects the skin cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. This in turn helps to fight off pimples and acne keeping your skin nice and smooth

  2. Alpha hydroxyl Acids

AHA’s help to destroy free radicals that cause premature aging and also help to lighten age spots, acne scars and blemishes.

  3. Salicylic Acid / Ellagic Acid

Similar to AHA’s these two acids help to fight acne and pimples as well relegating acne scars and blemishes to the history books. They also serve as antioxidants, healing damaged skin

  4. Dietary Fiber / Folate

Eliminate those toxins using dietary fibre and help your cells to regenerate using these two ingredients found in strawberries.


  • Ripe Strawberries
  • Bowl


This one get a bit tricky so I need your undivided attention for creating this diy face mask. First you need to take a handful of strawberries and mash them all up.

Careful to not take out all of your frustration on these tiny fruits as the diy face mask will then become too watery. You need to mash them to a point that they turn into a paste that can be applied to the face.

Once they have been mashed to the right consistency, add them into the bowl and stir the paste. Once that is done, apply it to the face….simple! Use the fingers to spread the paste avoiding the eyes and then keep the paste on for at least 15 – 30 minutes. As always make sure that you have cleaned your face thoroughly before doing this.

Once the time has passed, simply wash off the paste using cold water and pat dry the skin with a clean towel.