NOVEXPERT the Repulp Face Mask Review

Treat your skin with NOVEXPERT Repulp face mask which promises to repulp and regenerate your skin.

It’s combined with all natural ingredients without a slightest hint of any chemical use. The mask has been designed by Dr. Daniel Colleta who is a Galenic Expert of NOVEXPERT and who very carefully combined Vitamin E, pomegranate and Green tea with two ultra-high hyaluronic organic acids only to give us that pulpy, smooth and replenished skin we all die for.

Vitamin E and pomegranate fights aging effects to promote a healthy skin. Green tea packed with all its anti-oxidizing properties prevents skin from sagging whereas hyaluronic acid with lipo-filling action acts as a moisturizing booster to slow down aging not to mention the fact that hyaluronic acid has been by far the best thing that ever happened to skin care.

It works best for combination to dry skin for both men and women.

FMN verdict

A friend of mine recommended this face mask to me and that combined with glowing reviews on the internet compelled me to try this product. This face mask comes in pharmacy-like skin tube and I must warn you , it does have a weird medicinal smell and for those who are sensitive towards smell will not find it appealing. People with normal skin should apply for 10 minutes and ones with excessive dry skin are suggested to apply for 15 minutes twice a week. It has a thick creamy texture and it wouldn’t tighten your skin. Rinse off with water and see the results.

My skin got softer and nourished. I couldn’t ask for more, the dullness and faded complexion was gone for good after the second application. I liked its scent and applied a little moisturizer after that. I must say that all my complaints have allayed now.

This face mask has been growing on me since then. People who want to have a wrinkle free and younger looking skin should definitely jab on this face mask.

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face mask ratings 3

Price : $89

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Novexpert is a company based in Paris, France which excels in formulating amazing skin care products that are made after considerate research in their laboratories.  With a range of specialists working in their laboratories they have been able to harness the benefits from science with in its most natural form. Their researches specialize in various fields such as skin biology, pythotherapy, green chemistry and dermatology. They have taken the responsibility of sharing the unprecedented care in providing high quality and natural products to their customers.