Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Face Mask Review

The name should have already given you an idea on how this face mask works and you might be a little skeptical of its usefulness.

Have no fear, this clay face mask has gathered a lot of attention not just because of its unique composition but also the benefits it is rendering to its users.

The carbonated bubble mask contains white clay and its infusion with water gives it a bubbly appearance which is surely responsible for giving the bubbly effect. Acrylate copolymer acts as an agent that helps in absorption of the ingredients, green tea extract and glycerin gives the skin an even outlook and antioxidants help in combating fine lines and wrinkles.

Peppermint leaf, lavender and freesia leaf, chamomile flower, rosemary leaf extract provide fragrance, suppleness, hydration and glow to your skin while charcoal powder pulls out dirt and toxins from the skin. Wow, those are a lot of ingredients packed into a tiny mask!

FMN verdict

The packaging comes in white jar-like bottle with a greyish muddy texture. The face mask is mild scented and also comes with a spatula.

I was excited to use this mask and went on applying the it with the help of spatula . Upon first contact it felt very cold but that wasn’t what surprised me the most ,what happened afterwards was a shocker..Before I had even finished applying the face mask over my entire face I felt things popping on my face. I looked in the mirror and saw a reptile with scaly skin staring back at me . To say that it amused me would be an understatement and I passed the next 10 minutes snapping away pictures of  KillerCroc (it is a DC villain for the uninformed)

Removing the face mask was a little hard and after some intense rubbing / scraping (without any irritation or redness) my face was clean from all residues of the mask. Upon seeing the results I hardly cared about rubbing or scrubbing, as it left my skin soft, pores were diminished and there were no signs of irritation as well.

I found it overwhelmingly entertaining and useful for my skin .It acts as a marvel by exfoliating dead skin and a revitalizer for skin at the same time.

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face mask ratings 4

Price : $10.50

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