Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Facial Scrub Review

Weekends are for some serious skin care treatment and the Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Facial Scrub is the perfect companion. This jar-of-happiness comes along with its natural exfoliation properties for anti-cellulite treatment, acne, stretch marks and varicose veins. Anti-cellulite treatment has been clinically formulated by dermatologists for increasing natural thickness of skin cells to promote a healthy and smooth looking skin.

It contains host of other powerful components such as, brown sugar being a natural exfoliator helps in treating dead skin cells hence allowing healthy skin to show through, Dead Sea salts which produce a smoothening effect on your skin, sweet almond oil helps in dislodging impurities and dirt off the skin, apricot kernel oil plays its role in toning your skin, jojoba oil widely used as anti-inflammatory agent for irritated skin, evening primrose oil pertains moisturizing properties to hydrate skin.

This candy face mask uses no chemicals, fillers and is qualified for all skin types. The face mask can be used as a body scrub as well and has been dermatologically tested to provide you with accurate and satisfying results.

FMN verdict

The brown candy like face/body scrub comes in a 12 ounce jar .It can be used twice a week but with a little care.

Apply the content in jar evenly on your body whilst taking shower as it gently exfoliates your skin, wash it off and let the scrub show you what it really does. I loved this scrub because I used it as body and facial scrub, it is 100% natural and pure but I got rather impressed from how beautifully this scrub works.

After having it applied all over my body I could feel these little amalgamating crystals exfoliating my body and buffing away all the follicles. Do not rub the scrub too harsh and make sure to apply it on wet skin since the scrub is a little dry but I assure you that you wouldn’t have to apply any moisturizer after its application as it will leave you skin  mildly oily.

You will feel the difference in your skin and body nonetheless it left my body soft and cleansed.

This scrub has definitely has my approval. I instantly fell in love with its sugar-like texture and sweet smell.

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face mask ratings 4.5

Price : $14.50

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Majestic Pure, though located outside San Diego, California is an expert skin care company which excels in making natural skin care products for people. Love Mother Earth. Believe in Natural Beauty. Heal Holistically. – established on this very slogan which delineates their commitment towards nature. Their products include wide range of skin care, hair care and oiling products. Majestic pure believes in providing quality products and quality of life and has been reviewed by dermatologists.

Owners of Majestic Pure travel the world to find top quality botanicals to deliver best quality skin care and body care supplies to their customers. Their name seems to have been developing and growing with the passage of time.