It’s Skin The Fresh Avocado Face Mask Review

Homemade avocado face masks have always been super popular. However, if you are feeling slightly lazy (I’m not judging) then you can always pick up a myriad of face masks that contain avocado. For the purpose of this review, we will be focusing on the It’s Skin The Fresh Avocado Face Mask.

This face mask has been formulated with avocado oil, glycerin, butylene glycol and hydrogenated castor oil. Avocado oil being rich in fatty acids, vitamins and mineral helps in moisturizing the skin and acts as a natural sunblock to shield the skin from impurities that clog skin pores.

Glycerin prevents the skin from being dry and flaky while butylene glycol helps in promoting a firmer and healthier skin as it improves skin penetration and pulpiness.

Hydrogenated castor oil helps in emulsifying and surfacing the skin.

FMN verdict

Face masks these days come in all shapes and sizes. Some go overboard with the packaging only to deliver a mediocre product.

This avocado face mask comes in a simple green pack. Nothing fancy about that but it comes packed with the power of the mighty avocado. It also doesn’t hurt that the face mask has a lovely fragrance.

I followed the instructions given on the pack and applied the face mask all over my face apart from the eye area and left it on for 15 – 20 minutes. Leaving it on for that duration of time was super tricky as I felt the mask slipping away from my face.  Once the allotted time had passed, I rinsed it off with water.

So how did the avocado face mask do in the end. Well, I hate to say this but the results were fairly disappointing.  My skin was quite oily even after using the mask so it is probably best for those that have dry skin to have a good at this one.

It is fairly cheap so that definitely scores an extra FMN jar!

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face mask ratings 2.5

Price : $1.50

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It’s Skin the brand was created in 2006 in South Korea and quickly turned into one of the most prestigious brand shops gaining recognition both in the local and international market.  Their cosmecuticals and skin care products are manufactured from all natural ingredients with innovative research and development. Standing true to their promise of providing best quality products all around the world is one of their major goals. It’S skin is well aware of the challenges skin faces every day and they have made the products which caters solutions to those problems, Their specialized team of experts make every product with all natural means. The snail cream is the most distinctive creation by their company. Their credibility and trust among customers has made them stand out in South Korea being the sole producers of a natural skin-care products line.

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