Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Face Mask Review

One of the core reasons behind using face masks and skin care products is to give our skin that proper amount of moisture which our skin needs. This moisture boosting creation by Indeed Labs has been designed for dry, stressed and dehydrated skin. Thanks to hyaluronic acid which assembles all the vital hydrating actives that work beneath the layers of skin, retaining moisture for 24 hours. The neutrality of this face mask makes it suitable for use for all skin types especially those that are dehydrated.

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This face mask comes in a pink box, containing 4 sachets. Just as the face mask, the procedure of its application is different from others. The face shaped 3D facial sheets are literally a shocker. The face mask contains openings for nose, eyes and mouth so you can watch TV or read as well and the mask is sized in such a way that it generously sticks on all face sizes.

Before placing the mask over my face I cleansed my face well, tied my hair and gently unfolded the mask. After 15 minutes I removed it and applied the remaining serum on my face and neck followed by a moisturizer.

It left my skin hydrated and smooth.  It’s so much fun to use this mask, gives you a cooling effect and works as a hydrating drink for your skin. It pleased me the way it effected my skin. Use it twice a week as your skin care routine. This face mask is a winner for me and has become my all-time favorite hydrating mask.  Best of all, it is 100% free from animal testing and chemicals .

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face mask ratings 3.5

Price : $48

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Indeed laboratories is a Canadian based company which remains committed to providing skin care products with high potency formulas. Through their cutting-edge technology and globally sourced ingredients they make the products which match the modern day skin care trends. They were launched in 2011 with nanoblur and stormed into cosmetics industry by creating their first ever skin blurring cream for photo-ready skin in seconds.

The realization of every girl to have a secret-selfie weapon is what made them content towards their mission and by the virtue of which nanoblur passed every standard to provide a next-generation formula to every woman with uncompromising quality. Their technological skin-prepped formulas continue to amaze their users all around the world. Indeed laboratories has been able to surpass its distinctive image internationally as well locally and continues to win the trust of its customers.