Fresh Rose Face Mask Review

Rose is universally regarded as symbol of love and as the king of flowers. It would therefore seem like a no brainer to create a face mask made of this wonderful flower.

This face mask has been formulated mainly with rose petals to give radiance to the skin while the rose water keeps the skin hydrated. Rose water constitutes 50 % of its composition and are jam-packed with all the nutrients that our skins need.

Cucumber extract and aloe vera gel are here to provide the  plumping effect to the skin with antioxidants fighting against the toxins appearing on the skin to give a shinier look.

FMN verdict

The face mask comes in liquid form with a light brown color with small particulates of rose petals that provide a soothing effect. As far as the fragrance is concerned, its medicated scent has been brought to a mix with rose fragrance which makes it relatively light scented.

As I applied it for 5 to 10 minutes over my face, it stayed liquid throughout the course, I rinsed it off with water and discovered a healthy and fresh skin. The company claims it’s safe for use for all skin types but provides the best results for dry and flaky skin. Rashes that often appear on the skin can also be treated with this face mask.

It also the gives the skin a refreshing and glowing effect for a fair amount of time. The hydration factor gives a streak of glow, prominent on the cheek bones. Makeup blends in well after the use of the mask and helps foundation to appear smoother than normal while keeping the glow intact.

Only drawback is that it hasn’t been found useful to control excessive secretion of sebum i.e oily skin types.

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face mask ratings 3.5

Price : $59.05

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In 1991 the company started entrepreneurship in Boston by Liv Glazman and Alina Roytberg and took a start by selling soaps under the company’s name “Fresh”. Steadily the company extended its products from skin care to body care. With its 25 years of innovation the company has managed to make a strong reputation in the world of skin care.

Fresh black tea age delay mask proven to be a breakthrough venture which has won the franchise an Allure Best Of Beauty Award twice in a row, fresh skin rose mask has received laurels as being 90% on average effectivitess in the field of skin care regime. It has also been blended with vitamins to show its effectivenss in beauty enhancing products. The company (fresh) has a line of beauty products that deal with vitamins oriented products, which do wonders for all skin types.