Freeman Banana Oat Instant Smoothening Mask Review

Yellow is for summer and everybody looks forward to the cool and refreshing face masks. Summers are for get-aways and yet our delicate skins get more prone towards sunburns.

Freeman Banana Oat Instant Smoothening Mask nourishes, exfoliates and improves your skin complexion which usually gets due to going out in summers. The face mask comes with a delish Banana-Oat fragrance but its use of potent chemicals might make it for people with sensitive skins. Highly active Alpha Hydroxyl acids helps in exfoliating whilst smacks of smooth skin and treats dead skin cells to make give your skin a youthful feel.

Anti-oxidant rich bananas with minerals and antioxidants help in nourishing exfoliated skin to ward off bumpy skin issues. Oat is generally one of the most talked about ingredients when it comes to skin care as it naturally soothes, calms and keeps the skin unruffled.

FMN verdict

The thick translucent gel like banana face mask comes in yellow tube and yet a very attractive cover. I must say that the chemicals used in this product are quite strong for some people who have vilified this product. Though my skin is not sensitive but components used in this product were a little fussy for me so I gave it a test by applying a little on my inner elbow since it didn’t leave any imprints or any sign of irritation on my skin, I gave it a go after that.

Gel was soft and easy to apply .I applied it for 5-7 minutes for 1-2 days a week not more than that, it started cooling off I liked its artificial banana scent though and then rinsed it off well with clean water although it tingled a little bit for the first 2-3 minutes but that was not a matter of my concern because usually all the masks tingle for first few seconds or minutes.

It left my skin very smooth and soft. Having stayed at home my skin looked luminous for 3 days. I am going to say that this banana face mask is little tricky to handle with. This product uses no prabens, sulphates or mineral oils.

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This company was born in 1976. It is UK based company has been providing skin, body and foot care products for the last 40 years. The company is award winning due to its careful manufacturing of products through amino acids and proteins. However their sensational face masks and anti-aging formulas have given them an edge over others. Their clients and users includes both men and women. The products made a natural and pure as they believe in curing and pampering skin through biologically tested plants. Their products are easily accessible to every one due to their reasonable products and premium beauty reach to everyone. This company is developing due to their increased and keen interest towards research .