First Aid Beauty Purifying Face Mask with Red Clay Review

FAB’s skin rescue purifying face mask is one of those skin-care treatments that dig into the deeper layers of the skin.

Just as a vacuum cleaner cleans the floor, the Skin Rescue Purifying Mask cleanses your skin by pulling out all the dirt and impurities from your skin making it look smooth and nourished. It contains red clay, rosemary leaf oil, glycerin, licorice root, feverfew, white tea to provide you with maximum results.

It has been designed to detoxify and deeply purify your skin whilst enhancing your complexion and is most suitable for oily skins.

FMN verdict

The face mask comes in a red tube and has gel like texture with no unpleasant smell. The smell is more of a medicated fragrance due to the mask being made with red clay and herbs which worked fine for me. Trust me you wouldn’t care about its fragrance once you start using it.

I applied this mask over my clean skin and after a while my skin started to get dry since it is a peel off mask. I left it on for 20 minutes and gently peeled it off (you will be amazed to know how easy it is to remove as you peel it off)

It made my skin super clean and hydrated. This face mask can fetch immense benefits for people with oily skin as it instantly removes all the dirt away from your skin by giving it a sparkling look with enhanced complexion. Not only does it eliminate clogged pores but it downsizes them as well.

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face mask ratings 4

Price : $29.99

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FAB is founded by Lily Gordon, she specializes in skin care products including medicated products that dermatologists strongly recommend. It also specializes in making makeup and sun screen products .However they came into existence in 2009 and within a few years, FAB has made its strong image in the skin care industry. It has also set kits and gifts corner for giveaways on valentine day, birthdays and so on. Their leading site has also a best seller’s corner to attract its users, the hallmark of FAB is that its products are allergy and sensitivity tested, so the wandering thoughts of its reaction to skin are almost negligible, and even sensitive and allergic skins can nourish their skin with its use. In a very short span they have gathered enough customers which wholly and solely depend on their skin care products.