Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Face Mask Review

A Chocolate Face Mask!?! Sounds Yummy…

As tantalizing as it might sound, this chocolate face mask will leave you spell bounded but you are going to have to hold on to the urge of eating it because it is as creamy and savory as chocolate pudding. So this lusciously thick mask is 98% natural but just not for natural enough for eating purposes.

This delicious mask is not worthy for super sensitive skin. Honey, cocoa and coconut oil with power house enzymes helps in combating against wrinkles and sagging to give your skin a more tightening effect. Bentonite clay is used to ward off dirt, grease and impurities away from the skin.

Ginseng extract helps in toning and brightening the skin. Live carrot cells being rich in mineral salts helps in hydrating the skin hence giving it a more enhancing look. Jojoba and almond oil help in replenishing the skin.

FMN verdict

This fluffy chocolate pudding-like mask comes in a jar and gives you a chocolaty feel because it smells like chocolate as well. One or two applications in a week depending on your skin will be sufficient. Apply it on clean skin, leave on for 15-20 minutes until it dries and rinse it with Luke warm water .To be honest I had a hard time to refrain from eating it but unfortunately I had to use it as a face mask .

My skin is not sensitive so I started off by cleansing my face, applied a fine layer on my skin, leaving the eyes and left on for 20 minutes though It wasn’t hard as I entertained myself to its chocolaty aroma until it dried.

Face masks are trickier to deal with than others.  As the face masks are quite denser so after it dried, formed hard layer on my face so I soaked my handkerchief in a Luke warm water and placed it over my face for a while to make it loosen up after which it became a lot easier for me to rinse it with water.

It left my skin so smooth and healthy. People with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin should absolutely not use it as it might irritate their skin.

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face mask ratings 3.5

Price : $17.74

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The Texas based company surely knows the longing for treating the body with organic substances, purely extracted ingredients from farm including veg’s, fruits and poultry to halt the use of inorganic chemicals, gluten free products for gluten sensitive body types. The company gained substantial recognition from Oprah winfrey and Redbook magazines for its uniquity.

Most of the products are 88% organic in nature including jojoba, soybean oil, watermelon seed oil, brown sugar for scrubbing action, kuntechy whisky, Shea, cocoa butter, cinnamon, fresh sea salt strongly arranged for exfoliation of skin, vital deficit enzymes.

Farm house is one of those places in the world where naturally-made products are produced without having adding preservatives or chemicals, the best part of using farm house treated products is that there side effects are minimally low.