Dr.Organic Rose Otto Face Mask Review

When it comes to skin-care we take excessive precautions in using the products that are best for our skin.

Dr.Organic Rose Otto face mask pretty much understands this perfectly and contains formulized chamomile, Aloe Vera and china clay which restores, detoxifies and regenerates your skin. Chamomile clears skin by neutralizing skin irritants while the aloe vera moisturizes the skin and gives you that beautiful glow. China clay helps in detoxifying dead skin cells. All the components combined work as a stimulant to de-stress capillaries by purifying and regenerating the skin as to provide a younger looking skin. Furthermore this face mask works for all skin types.

FMN verdict

This face mask comes in squeezable tube and has a strong aroma of rose oil. You can apply it for about 10-15 minutes and twice a week. To be honest, I found this face mask very easy to use so I put it on and let myself in for a long soak in the bath to have some me and skin-care time.

It has more of a thick cream like texture but it functions exactly like a face mask, when it starts to get dry. Since the mask is thick, a little will do, rinse it off with warm water or prefer using a flannel as it gets somewhat hard to remove.

This face mask is an absolute wonder, left my skin so fresh and smooth although it made my skin a little oily but I think it was due to the fact that my skin was overcompensating for it but after a few hours the oiliness was totally gone.

A few hours after its application, you will notice your dead skin coming off and this is nothing to worry about I know it sounds weird but this is how it works.

The face mask was a little thick for my skin so I used it only once a week and must say that I got impressed, would use it again.

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face mask ratings 3.5

Price : $14.99

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Dr.Organic is a skin-care company based in UK .It works on providing finest and natural quality products to its customers. Their product formulation is centered across making environmental friendly skin care products which are absolutely praben free and cruelty free with no artificial fillers. Their product line is not only limited to facial products but, skin care and oral care products as well. Dr.organic’s winning credibility among its users has made them an award winning skin-care brand. They truly believe that Mother Nature has provided them with enough natural resources all around the planet that’s why they travel different parts of the world and source their products entirely from natural ambiance as they possess manifold beneficial properties with zero harm to the wellbeing of human beings.