Chantecaille Lilly and Jasmine Healing Face Mask Review

Chantecaille skin care products are definitely something to look out for as they deliver amazing results.  This face mask and moisturizer has been formulated majorly with Lilly bulb extract and Jasmine flower wax which helps in healing and moisturizing the skin.

The Lilly bulb extract helps in softening and moisturizing the skin while jasmine flower wax works its magic in emolliating the skin hence boosting moisture by exercising blood to supple your skin. The infusion of chamomile provides anti-inflammatory properties which helps in soothing damaged skin.

Suitable for all skin types but works extremely well on damaged, sensitive and jet-lagged skin.

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This beauty comes in an attractive jar, has a beautiful creamy gel like texture and you can smell the lilly and jasmine fragrances soothing your senses. It can be applied as a mask or night/evening cream.

As per the instruction apply a fine layer on your clean face for about 10-20 minutes once or twice a week and sponge off the skin with luke warm water but to get increased results apply it overnight and rinse it off then. For my jet-lagged skin I had to leave it overnight but after removing it, my skin felt soft and hydrated and there was a huge difference between before and after signs of my skin.

It remained fresh all day and after my skin become perfectly well I started using it as a face mask but I applied it for 30-40 minutes. The results were not unexpected as I have always expected the best from Chantecialle products. You have to splurge on their products no doubt but the results they yield makes it worth the extra moolah. Constant traveling makes you weary and takes it all out on your skin so in those hard times it’s definitely a skin care product to hold onto.

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face mask ratings 4.5

Price : $111.30

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Chantecaille beaute is a French based company known for its excellence in manufacturing skin care and beauty products all around the world. Chantecailles’ have made the legacy by producing beauty supplies in the most organic manners. Revolving around the family Sylvie chantecailles is the heart of the company whereas her two daughters Olivia and Alex bring out creativity and passion, Sylvie’s son Philippe is a technological savvy and husband Oliver is good with numbers so he takes care of finances.

Their approach to using botanicals entails their compassion towards the company and makes them modern day icon. It’s through their conscious efforts that company has leapt to unthinkable heights. Chantecailles purely believe in research and innovation by creating the products they believe in. Always ahead from everyone else in providing the most luxurious quality products and scents