Chantecaille Gold Energising Face Mask Review

An eye recovery face mask that is rich in components that help to re-plump and moisturise the skin. It blends a luxurious 24 Karat Gold Serum inside a natural seaweed based mask that keeps the area around the eye looking revitalised, smooth and radiant.

The anti-puffiness complex helps to reduce the puffiness and provides an appearance of much firmer looking skin. Black circles are also targeted with this mask with a blend of peptides that work to lighten the appearance of the circles.

With the help of Plankton extract, a smooth film is created around the eyes that provides a more lifted appearance and also helps to combat wrinkles. Bionmymph Peptide Stem Cell Extract softens the appearance of fine lines giving the user a much younger appearance.

FMN verdict

First impressions are certainly positive. The packaging looks sleak and provides the illusion of a top quality product. Not to say that this product is anything but. Having said that there is no substitute for sleep and a clean, balanced diet if you are looking for your eyes to sparkle.

Combine sleep and diet with this fancy face mask and you have winning combination on your hands. When I first applied the pre-saturated under eye sheets, they immediately felt cool on the skin. I left them on for approximately 20 minutes and can honestly say that my eyes looked better afterwards.

The packaging suggests you repeat the procedure 3 – 4 times a week for a long term boost. I would definitely give these bad boys a gold star and am not the only ones who vouches for their performance. Apparently Kate Hudson is a big fan as well and used them as a prep before the Golden Globe Awards. So what are you waiting for ?

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face mask ratings 5

Price : $1270

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Chantecaille is a brand that has been built around a family. While Sylvie Chantecaille, the founder is considered as the heart of the company, her two daughters Olivia and Alex bring about bundles of creativity and passion. The men in the family are equally important with Philippe in charge of all things technology ensuring that the brand has a digital presence and husband Olivier overlooks all matters related to finance. It is the coming together of this family that has catapulted the brand to unthinkable heights.