Bielanda Cucumber and Lime Face Mask Review

3 in 1 Cucumber Face Mask for all Occasions

This wondrous product substituted 3 products (wash gel, scrub and serum) to give your skin a perfect and smooth look. There are not many products out there who render 3 in 1 services at the same time. Having a product like this can save you from the trouble of buying other products to compliment your skin and it rather comes out handy for your skin care regime. Cucumber and lime are one of the most perfect combinations to be used for treating your skin to a flawless looking glow.

Combined with 3 magic nutrients: cucumber, lime and green clay. Cucumber being rich in Vitamin A and C helps in brightening and soothing the skin while lime gives a complete cleansing effect by diminishing black heads and white heads. Green clay pertains constricting and healing properties whilst creating a soothing effect on your skin. It helps in absorbing harmful bacteria and toxins hence purifying the pores, combats against wrinkles and forestalls them from further formation.

It’s suitable for all skin types. This is how this cucumber face mask works, Gel washes off the make-up and removes excessive sebum. Scrub exfoliates the skin and clears clogged pores whereas serum gives a more matte look while reducing blemishes.

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This unique 3 in 1 cucumber face mask soothes irritation, acne and moisturizes the skin without drying it.

To apply it as a GEL, massage gently on damp skin wash it off with clean water. Use it every morning and evening.

To apply as a Scrub, massage into damp skin and rinse with water. Use every day.

To apply as SERUM, Use it on clean dry skin, leave for 3 minutes and rinse it with water. Apply every day.

This product is beau ideal for those who want blemish free, moisturized, and cleansed skin with less visible pores, black heads and white heads. In short, this skin care is perfectly qualified for giving a heavy duty skin treatment to your skin. I definitely put these 3 substitutes to test and it worked out perfectly well for me and delivered all the results it promised to deliver. In fact, it’s a pretty fancy bargain to start with.

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Price : $7.19

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Bielanda was born in 1990 and it has been 25 years that this skin-care brand has been successfully achieving in providing high quality body and skin care products. Bielanda’s products are being used in salon, wellness and Spa centers and beauty schools. So far it has been able to extend its clientele at both individual and professional level .

This company has produced 400 top notched products with active ingredients and have step sided domestic markets. Currently Bielanda’s skin care professional institutes have been established in Krakow and Gdynia where experts provide best quality treatments with the availability of innovative technology. Medical professionals and cosmetologists help provide their professional services to rejuvenate the skin. Bielanda’s have a wide range of clients and as the years are passing by it is moving more towards excellence.