BeFine Cucumber Face Mask Review

Rejuvenate your skin this summer by Befine cucumber facial mask. Its not bad after all to give your skin nature-made treatment every once in a while. This incredible face mask is an ideal beauty-pick for your summer skin care preps when your skin gets prone to getting dull and damaged. Packed with botanical goodness to revitalize your skin and restoring your youthful radiance.

This face mask is purely vegan with no additives and all natural, organic and potent antioxidants. BeFine Cucumber Face mask has been formulized from cucumber extract, water melon extract and pomegranate extract where cucumber extract though composed of proteins and lipids at large helps in moisturizing and emolliating the skin, its astringent properties create a smoothening effect and help in relieving puffiness of the skin.

Water melon extracts that are rich in amino acids, Vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant reduces break down of DNA whilst keeping the skin hydrated. Pomegranate extract pertaining Anti-aging benefits help in revitalizing your skin both internally and externally, however oil from pomegranate seeds aids in reducing and delaying wrinkles.

All the components work together to give you a fabulous glow with super luminous skin.

This cucumber face mask is suitable for every type of skin: Dry, oily, normal and combination.

FMN verdict

This cucumber fine face mask tube comes in a handy packaging. Use almost twice a week for better results apply a smooth and thin layer of mask on a clean damp skin, avoid the eye area, leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. It has been almost 3 months since I started using this skin nourishing face mask. I had been trying to get rid of these stubborn pimples but they wouldn’t get off so I ended up buying this amazing face mask and the only thing I remembered doing was going through a little trouble of applying this cucumber face mask over my face for 10 minutes, wiped it off with the help of a cleanser and it did all the work itself.

Within a week not only did I get rid of the pimples, my skin also got very smooth and radiant. Getting  perfectly used to it and I have not stopped using this product ever since.

So I kind of owe this product a big time for giving me a pimple free and healthy skin. I would recommend this product if you want instant results. Get this cucumber face mask now by clicking HERE.

face mask ratings 4

Price : $19.99

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Florence sender has spent most part or her life working in food business, learning about the economics of good food. She began learning about skin cells to understand the chemistry between food and body. Befine purely believes in providing the finest quality of natural products with no artificial filler to their customers. Their philosophy about beauty is not only feeling it but also living it and for skin to be living it should be given that gentle, natural treatment which it truly deserves.