Anti-Ageing Chocolate DIY Face Mask

I will not eat this chocolate face mask…I will not eat this choc…

Ah chocolate… a love hate relationship that we all seem to have with this magical product.  Love it when I am feeling a bit down and want to just eat to my heart’s content. Hate it when that excessive eating ultimately goes to places on my body which I do not appreciate. Regardless, dark chocolate more so than its sweeter counterpart has numerous benefits. More so if you end up creating a chocolate face mask out of it.

Here are some of the reasons why a chocolate face mask is good for your skin

     1. Controls Cholesterol

You must think that I have gone a bit cuckoo here trying to make a connection between cholesterol and your skin. At the end of the day isn’t the cholesterol linked to your heart? Well yes it is but studies have shown that maintaining your cholesterol level is actually good for the skin. So eat up those dark chocolates for the sake of your heart!

     2. Fights Eczema

While there is no definite answer as to what causes eczema in the first place, dark chocolate is known to help reduce eczema. This is because dark chocolate helps to ferment the food inside the stomach in a way that turns it into anti-inflammatory compounds.

     3. Moisturises Skin

Dark chocolate also acts as a natural moisturiser preventing your skin from drying out. Cocoa is the magic ingredient here that helps to stimulate blood flow to the fine capillaries right under the top layer of the skin. More blood flow means more oxygen and hence more moisture to the skin.

     4. Reduces Stress

The skin is effected by your level of stress. This is because stress promotes collagen breakdown whereas eating cocoa reduces the stress hormones which in turn have a positive impact on the skin.

     5. Promotes Cell Growth

Other ingredients that are found in dark chocolate include zinc, copper and iron. All these combined promote cell growth which means younger and healthier looking skin.

     6. UV Ray Blocker

We all like a good day in the sun whether that is spent working on the garden or enjoying at the beach. However, the reality is that UV rays are harmful and we need to protect ourselves from them. So apart from using the latest sun blocking cream, take a few bites out of dark chocolate bar before you head out. The flavonoids int eh dark chocolate act as a natural reflector to the harmful UV rays and also protect you from sun burns.

     7. Reduces Wrinkles / Spots

By preventing the skin from drying out, improving collagen content and blood flow and forming a barrier against UV rays, all these factors combined work to delay the appearance wrinkles and fine lines to your face. The free radicals in the dark chocolate also help to reduce dark sports and pigmentation.



Break the two bars of chocolate into smaller chunks and place them inside the heat safe bowl. In another pot, pour roughly 2 inches of water and place the bowl with the chocolate chunks on top of it. Make sure that the bowl is not touching the pot filled with water. Place the pot over the cooker and heat the chocolate over low to medium heat stirring occasionally. The chocolate will take roughly 3 – 4 minutes to melt.

In another bowl, mix the brown sugarmilk and sea salt  making sure that any clumps are broken. (use a fork or whisk for this) Once the mixture is nice and even add the chocolate with the help of a rubber spatula making sure that all of the chocolate from the bowl goes into the mix. (resist the temptation to eat the chocolate!)

Next step involves you being patient and letting the mixture cool down. Do NOT pour the hot mixture on your face, that is not a diy face mask you want to put on. Once the mixture has cooled down apply it to your face avoiding the area under the eyes. It is recommended to have this diy face mask on for about 15 – 30 minutes. During this time the chocolate is likely to harden and this is perfectly normal.

After the allotted time has past, wash off the mask using warm water.


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