Alba Botanica Hawaiin Papaya Enzyme Face Mask Review

Being skin care junkies we trudge throughout the weeks and so does our skin .This is something I am very sure about but what if you had a right skin treatment for your skin, only for you to slough off those dead skin cells which are good for no good reason. Yes. Dead skin cells are the prime root of all the skin problems because of their undeniable presence neither anything gets it nor it gets out and our skin pores remain clogged rather untreated making the skin look dull and underprivileged.

This is where this product vaults in: Alba Botanica Hawaiin Papaya Enzyme Facial mask has been formulated with papaya and pineapple enzymes which loosen up and kick out all the impurities and treat the dead skin cells making your skin smoother, firmer and revitalized yet forming new surface. Some users might find fusion of pure papaya with enzymes a bit irritating when applied but the results make the irritation worthwhile. This product has not been abased by animal experimenting at all.

This amazing face mask is suitable for all skin types.

FMN verdict

So this little wonder comes in simple ,Green glazy packaging. You can apply it as part of your skin care regime. Gently apply the face mask thoroughly on your clean face or in my case on the neck as well. A thin layer would do just fine but make sure that it is evenly applied on the skin, leave on for 5–7 minutes and wash it off with clean water. When I applied this face mask it tingled but just for a while which was nothing serious but as I washed off my face my skin looked luminous and smooth.

This face mask is a fancy exfoliator and smoothener and as I continued using it I noticed improvements in my facial appearance. However this mask might be too gentle for some users as the product is gooey and gel-like. It would be unfair to treat this face mask as a high duty scrub.

People who are trying to reduce or treat their white heads/black heads through this product would end up getting slightly disappointed from this face mask and they can for sure call it quits but over all this face mask is an all-rounder and gives your skin that promising look.

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face mask ratings 3

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The Alba Botanica brand was born in 1969 with a global vision of “to do beautiful” which means to make beautiful without harming the natural resources. They started off with line of body-loving products for hair and skin with use of 100% vegetation.

Alba Botanica has won a wide range of awards because of their dedication in producing best natural skin care products for their customers but their journey of success just doesn’t end here.

They not only produce natural skin care products but also hair care products. Their products line has been increasing by storm due to their vigilance and up gradation towards market’s skin-care needs.