My name is Emma Webber and I have recently discovered the world of blogging. Well I was aware of it before and would frequently visit other mummy bloggers but just never found the time to write my own. So what has changed in my life that has caused me to venture into this world?  For that it is probably best to provide a brief glimpse into my life.

Who Am I?

Aged 33, I am a mother of a beautiful 2-year-old daughter married to my best friend. It was 5 years ago that my husband popped the question in a very romantic fashion. I could probably write a whole article on that day but it is probably best reserved for some other time. The proposal was shortly followed by a small wedding ceremony and before I knew it I was busy changing diapers and trying to feed carrot sticks to my little energiser bunny.

Before changing diapers had become a big part of my life, I was working as a research assistant trying to find ways to get rid of the ugly bastard known as cancer. Being a research assistant meant working odd hours but despite the hectic work schedule I would still make it a point to allocate a bit of ME time which would stretch from a simple shower to a pampering routine that could last a day and more. I would frequently visit other beauty blogs, watch youtube videos or just have a chat with my friends on the latest trends that were currently sweeping the nation.

Life As We Know It Now

​The indulgent pampering took a backseat after a tiny human decided to greet me every morning with her bum in my face and the quest began to find the perfect balance between work and home life and ME time. In a recent survey by Talking Talent found that 51% of those surveyed were worried about being distracted at work by motherhood. Additionally, they felt guilty about leaving their child at home. The same proportion also thought they’d be viewed negatively by colleagues as a result of coming back to work. I too was hit with that guilt and decided to tend to the needs of the little one full time leaving behind the job of a research assistant.

While the first year of being a full time mom was tough, it was also filled with distractions and unexpectedness that the baby would bring to the table. The second year however started to get a bit too much for me and I decided that the guilt of leaving behind the child if I return to work will always be there. The only thing I needed to do for the sake of my own sanity was to manage it.


With a billion beauty blogs out there (I did my research and counted a billion of them!) it was best for me to dip my toe in the waters by focussing on a particular niche. For me that niche involved treatments to the face. More specifically the face masks that us ladies apply to look fabulous, hydrated, alive! Knowing nothing about setting up a blog, I decided to spend some time on youtube learning about all things related from website domains, hosting to WordPress.

I was literally starting from scratch and picked up a theme upon the approval of my 2-year-old. Once it was all set up, it was time to write about face masks. Apart from the myriads of face masks available in the store, I also wanted to write about homemade remedies that can be made using basic ingredients found in the kitchen and trust me you can make homemade face masks sitting at home from just about anything. From that point onwards, I decided to look into the world of Hollywood celebrities to see what sort of concoctions they were using that hid their imperfections despite us now having HD TVs that capture the smallest of blemishes.

So facemasknow.com is a dedication to all those women who try hard to live a balanced life. It is a reminder to them that they need to spend some time looking after themselves, pampering themselves and most importantly that it is OKAY to do that.

Hope you enjoy the blog!